Archana Dugar :

I am a homemaker and a middle age women, I was suffering from problems of middle age, Although my weight was not on the higher side but still I did not feel the energy . Then I joined Body Pulse and Anju Katara who guided me and corrected my eating pattern , which worked a lot to me. Now I have become more conscious about me and my families diet and health. Now I have also started yoga plans that are helping me to boost my metabolism, good sleep, improving my internal strength. I really appreciate the support, I am still continuing with Body Pulse. Thanks.

Pramod Kumar Katara :

I am a business man ,running chain of Diagnostic centers at Agra, U.P. I am holding a world record “Balancing on gym ball”. I am 50 years old and still feeling full of strength and stamina because of the Diet consultation and Guidance given by Anju Katara at Body Pulse. Few years back I was very lethargic and never did any kind of exercise and had very erratic dietary pattern, with the result I was suffering with lots of health problems. Then One day a thought came to my mind that I have to do something to make myself healthy. Then I started doing little exercises and following Diet Plans by Anju Katara. She is a perfect dietician who analyses, understands and accordingly plans the diet. Day by day I was motivated by my daily fitness routine and now today I m holding two world records.

Archana Gupta :

My Weight was continuously increasing day by day and that became hard to manage . There was the problem in my knees also. Then I started taking Diet consultation and exercise plans from Anju Katara at Body Pulse and felt great changes in my body within few days My knee pain is almost gone and I am feeling great relief and energetic. My weight is also reducing. I am still continuing with Anju Katara and Body Pulse.

Neeru Jain :

I feel very happy being regular in my classes, as something he everyday to look forward to. This has helped me to remain more active and helped me to reduce weight, The different pranayam exercises have cleaned my toxins and I think it has helped me in my skin ailment psoriasis

Mrs. Roshni Poonia :

I have lost 33kgs. and still continuing. Now I stopped taking medicine for hypertension. My thyroid is controlled now. Many problems associated with weight now gone out of my life. I am very active doing all household work easily. I am very surprised that I have lost this eating my favourite foods and almost all good foods. I lost my hope that I can be fit ever as I tried lots of formulas but all failed. Now I am enjoying freedom but to live a healthier life. I am very happy to have the doctor like you. Thank you so much.

Mr. Ravindra Kumar Sharma & Mrs. Sippy Sharma

Mrs. Sippy Sharma lost 18 kgs. and accompanied her husband in her way to healthy lifestyle. Mrs. Sippy Sharma," It was a pleasure to be associated with you getting back to a desired shape after a long time. You were the inspiration behind this achievement of ours. Thanks."

Zeba Varsi :

I like the session given at body pulse .It helps to improve my stamina and my strength.I feel fresh through out the day.Nice experience

Seema Tinger :

I am so happy to join yoga class.I feel very lite .weight loss . Very good experience with the body pulse and thank...... you so much body pulse.

Lata Jain :

I m feeling very good .My stamina improves a lot. My sugar levels and blood pressure are now stable. Yoga and mudra's performed at body pulse, too, helped me a lot. Thank you.

S.K. Rungta :

Her diet plan has reduced my weight by 4 kg in a month which is quite good results it is recommended to take advice from dietacin for good diet plan apart from doing exercise and walking

Anu Upadhyaya :

Nice experience.Different and new exercises.I like to visit a Body Pulse.Good doctor. Feeling light n good.Staff is also understanding.

Ritu Katara :

Doctor Anju is very talented and expert in her field. She knows the latest diet trends .I am very much impressed and will continue to take counseling.

Sagar Ram :

I find the body pulse advise better diet plan n practical exercise experience very good n helped me in improving my health. Thanks.

Raajballa Sharma :

Feeling very relax and light, feeling more active and good, I will like continue this in my lifetime.

Jitendra Singh :

Received diet advice as per my need and as per my taste. Awesome experience!!!!!!!

S.K.Katara :

Very nice experience with the clinic and dietitian. Getting good results with diet and yoga.

Sujata Singh :

Cooperative staff and excellent yoga training..and getting good results.

Sapana :

Satisfied . its been a good experience with body pulse.

Neha Singh Pawar :

Very good experience. I would surely like to recommend her.

Archana Sharma

I am very happy to complete my diet plan. This plan is totally satisfactory for me and I achieve the goal which I want to get. Thanks.

Dr. Nitin Khandelwal

Diet chart was very helpful. Reduce almost 31 kgs. weight in 8 months with balanced diet. Regular walk and exercise helps a lot with diet. Thanks

Dr. Sunita Goyal

Excellent result. I am very active now. My stamina has been improved. It's really helpful for me. I am feel active and my family too enjoying healthy food. Most important, tasty and includes all important nutrient, Thank you so much.

Zeba Varsi :

I like the session given at body pulse .It helps to improve my stamina and my strength.I feel fresh through out the day.Nice experience.

Roshni Bhati :

Very good experience with the body pulse. Thanking you and your staff they provide me a good service. I will join once again

Narender Janghid :

Feeling better and healthy,I will regular and would like to be continue, I feel very positive and peace while doing exercise.

Nandinee Sharma :

I couldn't get a good sleep but now as soon as good to bed I fall sleep. Yoga brings a great energy and after a while you feel its a part of your day and look forward to it.

Farhat Khan :

I am feeling very good and relaxed and satisfied, I would love to continue for keeping myself healthy and fit..

Karuna Jain :

I am so happy to join yoga class. I feel very light by following my yoga session and diet . I definitely like to recommend Body Pulse.

Seema Tinger :

I am so happy to join yoga class.I feel very lite. weight loss. Very good experience with the Body Pulse and thank...... you so much body pulse

Pooja Janwal :

I feel very happy to join yoga class.very good experience with the body pulse.thanks to body pulse and with experience.

Molly :

I feel very happy.I had sum problem in my spinal. I join yoga classes problem gone. Inchies loss...weight loss and get happy smiley on my face

Hari Shankar Kanoonga :

Very good experience with body pulse.I am so happy to join yoga and solved my problem. I feel very well and I will join once again yoga classes . Thank you.................body pulse.

Sanchali Rawat :

Good experience with body pulse.and I am satisfied with the results. I will join once again yoga class. Thank you body pulse

Mrs Meetu Bajrang Lal :

I will say that I get what was finding . I m 100 percent satisfied . I am doing diet and yoga both and I feel that I m getting full benefit out of it.

Pratima Bhargava :

Good trainer in body pulse clinic. Yoga plans are designed according to person requirement so that everyone gets full benefit out of it.Body Pulse team is doing hard work so that there clients get best.

Raj Kanwar Rathore :

I am so happy to be a part of body pulse.. I gained a lot from what I have learned there. My stamina improved ...I too got great relief in asthma due to the diet plan I received by Dr.Anju

Pragati Kamra :

Good experience in body pulse. I fully enjoyed .It's nice clinic for Diet and yoga.happy and trying to come again and continue.

Mamta Hanspal :

At Body pulse ,I gained a lot . I feel and I am feeling very light.I experience ,weight loss, inch loss ,my asthma problem improved a lot.

Pragya Sahasrabudhe :

I feel very happy.Good trainer in body pulse. Doing yoga in a peaceful and clean environment gives great mental relaxation.thanks

Karuna Jain :

I am so happy to join yoga class. I feel very light by following my yoga session and diet . I definitely like to recommend Body Pulse